Europa is
a Community of People

rather than a ‘union’ of nations values

1 – Nature First

Nature first! The beauty of Nature Industrial society is destroying nature Planet Earth with all of Nature is the mother, the cradle and home of the human species as it is of…

2 – Free Speech

Free Speech Freedom of speech, expression and information is the most fundamental human right. Freedom of Speech reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. It is the first…

3 – Gender Equality

Gender Equality Gender equality is just a first step in paving the way to non-discrimination in general on all levels: sexual preference, race, life style or beliefs. Gender equality, also known as…

4 – Go non-profit

Go non-profit The greatest problem humanity currently faces is the idea of profit of modern, industrialized society. For large corporations making profit is not just a choice, it is even established by…

5 – Abolish Bank Secrecy

Abolish Bank Secrecy (ABS) Bank Secrecy is the ultimate source of all major global problems. Bank Secrecy allows and stimulates global corruption at the highest level. Political corruption opens the door to:…

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Stop Ecocide: change the law.
Right now, ecocide (destroying the planet) is legal!
Let’s make it a crime!

10.000+ Earth Protectors so far (24/07/2019)
and this is just the beginning…

official site:

Europa is StopEcocide!

Fridays For Future

Basically there are only two things that Fridays For Future asks from governments, politicians, the media, journalists and business leaders:

  1. Recognize the scientific facts as exposed by the IPCC report.
  2. Comply with the Paris agreement (preferably better).

official site:

Europa is Fridays For Future

Extinction Rebellion

Basically there are only three things that Extinction Rebellion asks from governments, politicians, the media, journalists and business leaders:

  1. Tell the truth.
  2. Act now.
  3. Go beyond politics.

official site:

Europa is Extinction Rebellion

  • Establish a law to turn the destruction of nature into an international crime. – StopEcocide
  • Unite behind  the science and recognize the IPCC report. – FFF
  • Comply with the Paris agreement (or, in fact, better). – FFF
  • Tell the truth. – XR
  • Act now. – XR
  • Go beyond politics. – XR